Our bar is currently open during the following hours:
Sunday, Wednesday, Thursday:
Obviously things are different from the last time we saw you.  The venue has been reconfigured with social distancing in mind and on arrival you'll be allocated a table which is yours for two hours.  You can order drinks using your mobile phone (we'll explain how on arrival) and we will bring them to your table. Initially we will be serving drinks only.
Although you can turn up on the day without booking, due to our limited capacity and expected demand we'd advise to book in advance using the link below:
There is no charge to book a table but we will ask for a credit/debit card number to hold the booking.  A No Show Fee may be charged if you fail to arrive at your booked time.
Please note all these details are correct as of today, but may change as we continue to adapt.
Please keep checking our website and social media for the latest details
We hope to see you soon!