Hi everyone,

We’ll cut to the chase…

We regret to announce with a heavy heart that Pulse Street Party will not be taking place this year.

Despite being a huge success in terms of visitor numbers, in recent years there has been a struggle to keep the event cost effective for a number of reasons.

The amount of money payable to Cardiff Council in order to use the street has increased significantly.  In particular, the cost to hire the Council’s commercial space at the junction of Queen Street and Churchill Way has increased to the point it is now difficult to afford.

The rescheduling of Pride Cymru to the August Bank Holiday has also made things difficult.  There are extra costs involved in equipment hire and labour due to the higher demand on a Bank Holiday.

It also puts us against the much larger Manchester Pride.  In addition to the obvious increased competition for visitors, it also makes it harder to attract sponsors that could shoulder some of the cost. 

In an attempt to make the event more cost effective an application was made to extend the licence to cover Friday in addition to Saturday.  Unfortunately, this was refused by Cardiff Council; the licensing committee making clear they did not want it to happen.  This is despite the Street Party having an impeccable licensing record.  

With all this in mind, we’ve made the difficult decision to take a year out to work out the best way forward.

We are sorry to bring such disappointing news and honestly appreciate every single one of you for supporting the event over the years and making it one of the UK’s busiest after parties.

We fully intend for the Street Party to return in 2020 with something truly spectacular, and we will of course still pull out all the stops at Pulse this year for Pride Weekend! 

More news on that very soon, so stay tuned! 

Lots of love,
Team Pulse